Vaughn Vargus’ Tedx presentation on “Protecting Lakota Culture with Science, Technology, Engineering & Math”

Mr. Vaughn Vargus, SPACT alumnus, recently gave a Tedx talk on Protecting Lakota Culture with Science, Technology, Engineering & Math”. The talk is available in the archive video below–

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SPACT Researcher, Dr. Mengyu Qiao Wins Best Paper Award!

SPACT researcher Dr. Mengyu Qiao and his colleagues were awarded the Best Paper award at the 5th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics. The title of their paper was “Merging Permission and API Features for Android Malware Detection.” Congratulations Dr. Qiao!

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Students Win Butterfield Cup: SPACT Anti-Counterfeiting Technology for Phamaceutics

A five-student team from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology has won the 2016 Butterfied Cup for the development of a mobile app to help thwart counterfeit drugs.
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SPACT Researchers in the Limelight

This spring SPACT researchers have recently taken the big stage as we celebrate the third anniversary of the formation of the Center. In particular, SPACT researchers have presented their research at three high-profile venue this spring.

In February, Dr. Stanley May (USD) gave a headline presentation at the Optical Document Security Conference hosted […]

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Smartphones as Authentication Devices

According to the current statistics, smartphones occupy approximately 80% of the US mobile subscriber market. Thus, because of their ubiquity and functionality, there is significant potential in the use of smartphones as authentication devices.

Let’s start with smartphone computing power. New smartphones have impressive computing power with 34-bit and 64-bit processors, 1.7GHz and 2.5GHz processing […]

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The Role of Reporting of Counterfeit Goods

If you talk to anyone but perhaps the counterfeiter the consensus would be that counterfeit goods are a negative occurrence. The question I have been pondering as of late is where and how best to authenticate goods. More to the point, who should be responsible or interested in authentication? The logical answer is both […]

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